• Construction Date: Year 2018.
  • Location: City of Novi Sad
  • Surface Area: 133,33 m2
  • Client: City of Novi Sad
  • Category: Technical documentation


The entrance part directs visitors to the reception information desk where it is envisaged to have a working station for two employees. In the same are, on the right side there is a sales area which is equipped with showcases and a sales counter, as well as arranged shop window with exhibited products for sale.

On the left side of the entrance, a multifunctional exhibition-conference space has been formed, where promotional settings of tourist destinations will be located and in which various events (lectures, promotions, conferences …) will be held. It is planned that a multimedia table will be positioned in this area, which will display promotional tourist content. This space contains a part that is partitioned with mobile glass panels and the transformation of its part into a meeting room is planned.

The business part is functionally separated, which contains two offices, a hallway (in which the display cases for the archive are located), as well as a toilet that consists of a kitchenette and a toilet.