• In order to build new or reconstruct the existing business facility, according to our legislation it is necessary to assess possible (adverse) effects of the facility on the environment.

  • Due to the accelerated industrial development of the last decades, there has been degradation and great pollution of the environment. The current Law on Environmental Protection and the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment introduced the obligation of every Investor to carry out the process of “Environmental Impact Assessment” during the preparation of design-technical documentation for the construction of business facilities. This process includes analyses and certain research which observe and valorise possible adverse effects of the facility construction and technological processes to the environmental parameters. If research and analyses show the presence of adverse effects, measures for their reduction and elimination are prescribed, as well as control manner, thus protecting the current state of the environment from new pollution and degradation.

    The expert team of Andzor Engineering, having many years of experience, is qualified to perform the legal process of “Environmental Impact Assessment” for you for the business premises or a plant you wish to build.

  • Depending on the stage of realization of the complex itself, two processes are distinguished:

    • Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment – prepared for urban plans
    • Individual study on impact assessment – made during the preparation of design-technical documentation